2021-2022 Catholic Positive Education Reading Programme (First Term)

Reading is a lifelong process. Once we learn to read, we can read to learn. Eternal learning is through endless reading activities. Reading serves multiple functions which can entertain and build knowledge and skills through different authors and genres. The values of reading can be both penetrated and embedded in oneself from time to time. In order to discover the power of influence in reading for our students, Positive Education Reading Programme is our belief to equip our students to make a better world in the future. Hopefully the reading seed is planted in our students’ heart so that it grows strongly and healthier onward.


This year, we have introduced one of the renowned Chinese novels, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, for our reading programme. History about the military tactics, ethics and culture, relationships were fully illustrated in the story. It is a challenging task for primary school students to fully comprehend the content but the more we read, the more we desire to know about this greatest novel.

In the first term, we have invited our teachers and students to promote the novel through different subjects. We displayed boards, made videos, reading activities and games to arouse students’ interest. For example, to know the main characters in Chinese and English, ‘The Hua Rong Dao” in Math, China map in General Studies, Invention in STEM etc. This novel becomes the bridge to connect us from the past to the present time. In the second term, we will have intensive and extensive reading about the 3 Kingdoms.

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