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Our Vision & Mission


  • We take on Catholic Education mission which sets Christ as the foundation of education. Our efforts are to spread the fraternity and essence of Chinese culture.
  • We envision our students can nurture their wisdom, to have self-cultivation as well as to pursue the truth.
  • We envision our students to be individuals with physically and mentally healthy, compassionate in serving others and capable of telling right from wrong.
  • We see our students as independent, informed and innovative, and moral and ethical members of society.
  • Under the circumstances of globalization, we visualize the integration of multi-culture into Chinese and the West. We see global citizens with sustainable development in leading a good life and contributing to their families, society, Nation and even all humans on Earth.

Our Mission

    We nurture a new generation of talents. It is also our effort to equip students with intellectual competency with better performance in academic subjects. For further their studies or future, we set a long term goal to cultivate their personal accomplishment and moral behaviour.

School Motto

Reverence for Lord and Love Others, Study Diligently, and Pursuit of Truth


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