CMS Home-School Academy aims to work closely with our parents to support our children’s and development with positive engagement in learning and social aspects both at home and school. In addition, it is important for parents’ personal growth which brings a good impact to the family as well.

    A positive psychologist expert, Mr Carl Chung, Director of Teengineer.HK, ran a series of workshops for training up our parents to be our future trainers to train other CMS parents. The Positive Parenting Workshops that we held in the first term and second term were successfully completed. Altogether 38 parents joined and 2 parents from the first batch attended the second cohort as our trainers.

    These workshops were designed to provide some basic knowledge about positive emotions management and parenting skills through various interactive activities which allowed parents to apply the concepts that they had learned in a simulated training environment.

    The feedback that we received from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge.

    Overall, we consider the Positive Parenting Workshops as well as the Train the Trainer Program are the seed we have planted in our CMS community. The program will have a positive impact on the quality of training within us.

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