Catholic Mission School
Notification of the Application for a Discretionary Place
(Primary One Admission - September 2023)

The application for the discretionary place of Primary One (2023-2024) will open soon. If any parents would like to apply for our school, kindly note the following information.

1 Submission for the Application Form:
Submission Period: 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th September, 2022
Means of Submission: Return it to the School General Office directly in person

2 Collecting Time: 09:00-17:00 (Lunch Time: 13:00-14:00)

3 Essential Document
3.1 The Application Form of the Admission to Primary One (2023-2024) released by EDB (The Form is distributed by the corresponding kindergarten or can be obtained from the District Offices.)
3.2 The parent/guardian’s Identity Card, Passport or other identity documents (If the parent/guardian cannot come in person, his or her representative should produce a photocopy of the parent’s/guardian’s identity documents and the authorization form).
3.3 (A) The applicant child’s Hong Kong Birth Certificate and its photocopy (If the ‘Status of permanent resident of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’ in the last column of the Birth Certificate is ‘Not Established’), the original and photocopy of his/her travel document(s) or Permit to Remain in Hong Kong are required).

(B) In the absence of a Hong Kong Birth Certificate, parent/guardian should bring along the applicant child’s Birth Certificate(non-local) and document(s) permitting him/her to stay in Hong Kong and their photocopies.
3.4 Birth Certificate and school handbook of the applicant child’s sibling and a photocopy of the documents, if claiming the applicant child’s sibling is studying in the school applied for.
3.5 Birth Certificate of the applicant child’s sibling, graduate certificate of the applicant child’s sibling/parent and a photocopy of the documents, if claiming sibling/parents’ graduate relationship.
3.6 Baptism Certificate of the applicant child and a photocopy of the document, if claiming the same religious affiliation relationship with the school. Parents/Guardians are advised to consult the school direct about the definition of ‘same religious affiliation’ before submitting the application form.
3.7 Proof of residential address (including stamped tenancy agreement, demand note for rates, public housing tenancy agreement or water/electricity/town gas/residential telephone bills, etc.) and a photocopy of the document. The name on the document submitted as a proof of residential address should agree with that of the parents/guardian. If parents/guardians cannot provide the above acceptable proof of residential address, please contact the School Places Allocation Section of the Education Bureau at 2832 7700 for appropriate advice and assistance.
4 Enquire: 2547 7618 (2022.9.19)

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