9.21 International Peace Day is a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace and promote peace.
We committed this idea with our actions through different activities.
Our selected P.4-6 Peace Ambassadors with our teachers visited two kindergartens for spreading love and peace message to K2 & K3 students.
The highlight of the day was started with an interesting Bee Talk by Beetales followed by taking a close look at bees after the talk.
A de-briefing session was delivered to students about why bees are important and how we sustain living healthily.
Re-dress was the hand-on activity that students turned an old T-shirt into a tote bag or an apron which used to reinforce the ideas of reuse, recycle and re-create.
To end the learning day, a prayer meeting with beautiful hymns was held to thank God’s creation on Earth. We should all be bear in mind that Leave No Trace to nature and live a simple life that less is more in our daily practice.


2021-2022 Catholic Mission School Summer School Programme

As our education was interrupted during the on and off learning hours in Hong Kong in the past 3 years, our summer school programme was not only for students immerse themselves in a structured academic programme, but also for helping improve their subject knowledge for when they return to school. We also provided interesting learning activities, i.e. Chinese Kung Fu, Beads crafting, DIY Kite making, Hip-Hop Dance and DIY Aromatherapy bags. The summer school provided a good opportunity for whom would like to get extra support to help strengthen their learning for the new school year.

2021-2022 年天主教總堂區學校暑期課程




Take the challenge in U13


Work as a Team to face the challenge together


Thanks to Coach Destiny and our PE Department Head Mr Torris Cheung for your caring guidance and support to the team


Thanks to all Parents supporting the growth of all CMS Smarties

Congratulations to our CMS U13 team for winning the third runner - up


勇氣(Courage)- 接受U13的挑戰

團結(Collaboration)- 齊心一致,榮辱與共

關愛(Care)- 教練Mr Destiny 及體育科科主任張顧毅的指導與關愛

社群(Community)-家長對CMS Smarties 的支持

恭喜CMS U13足球隊在是次比賽贏得第4名



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