The P6 Secondary School Mock Interview

The P6 secondary school mock interview was held on 13th December, 2023. There were 32 parent volunteers being our Mock Interviewers who simulated real-world interview scenarios to help students develop essential interviewing and communication skills. The event aimed to provide students with practical experience and constructive feedback to prepare them for future secondary school interviewing opportunities. There were two main parts. The first part was the one-on-one interviewing which students came across self-introduction, subject-based comprehension questions and interactive questionings skills between the interviewees and interviewers. The second part was the group discussion about the current hot news or social issues as well as team spirit building. Parent volunteers provided insightful feedback on the students' performances throughout the mock interview process.

Overall, the mock interview conducted by parent volunteers served as an enriching experience for students to hone their presentation skills, communication skills, and teamwork abilities. The event provided an authentic platform for students to practice and receive constructive feedback on their interview techniques and interpersonal competencies.



P6中學模擬面試於2023年12月13日舉行。有32位家長義工擔任我們的模擬面試官,模擬真實的面試場景,幫助同學培養必要的面試和溝通技巧。該活動旨在為學生提供實務經驗和建設性回饋,為他們未來的中學面試機會做好準備。 有兩個主要部分。


第二部分是針對當前熱門新聞或社會議題以及團隊精神建設的小組討論。 家長義工就同學的整個表現作出去適切的回饋。

整體來說,模擬面試為提升同學的技巧、溝通技巧和團隊合作能力提供了豐富的經驗。 該活動為同學提供了一個真實的平台,讓他們練習面試技巧和人際交往能力並獲得建設性的回饋。


First GBA Hong Kong School Expo

The education expo was held from 15th to 17th December, 2023. It was a fantastic opportunity for our school to showcase our unique human-centred approach and engage with the public.

The expo allowed parents, students, and other visitors to gain insight into our school's missions, visions and values. As part of the expo, we set up interactive displays and informative sessions that highlighted our school's approach to holistic education, focusing on habits building and choice making, learning to learn and life planning. Visitors had the chance to learn about how we emphasis on nurturing well-rounded individuals. The feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive.

In summary, the education expo provided an excellent platform for the public to gain insight into our school's approach to education. The positive reception from parents, along with the enthusiastic participation from teachers and students, reflected the success of the event. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our school at the expo, and we look forward to welcoming new families and continuing to engage with the community in meaningful ways.



第一屆大灣區香港學校教育展於2023年12月15日至17日於機場博覽館5號展館舉行。學校藉此向公衆展示本校以人為本的獨特教育方法。 是次博覽會讓本地和非本地的家長、學生和其他參觀者深入了解我們學校的使命、願景和價值觀。




Homeless Shelter Visit






we learn from jesus with all these cs.
we take actions like jesus with these cs.

thanks to our brothers and sisters from our parish church the hong kong catholic cathedral of the immaculate conception
organise such a meaningful activity for our cms smarties to understand more about the needy ones in our society.

we care
we share
we love
we serve

we are cms smarties

we are the future servant leaders


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